Kaoz Khronicles

KaozFest Performer Spotlight: Ritual Sacrifice 

Hailing from the grunge capital of the world, Ritual Sacrifice is a genre-bending act that utilizes electronic sounds and live instruments to craft eerie sounds excellent for the modern ritual. 

Droning, melodic vocals live acoustic guitars, and uptempo drum beats allow for this music to hypnotize you into a trance 

Additionally, this band utilizes creepy videos to really set the atmosphere for an intense performance. 

Kaoz Fest is excited to have Ritual Sacrifice

KaozFest Performer Spotlight: Sweet Ms.Candace Cane  

Touted as the greatest pole dancer in all space and time, Sweet Ms. Candace Cane has performed with a VARIETY of artists including Snoop Dogg, Latto, Ashanti, and too many more to name here. 

Not ONLY is she a CERTIFIED pro poler athlete but she is also a highly regarded and sought-after Burlesque dancer. 

I’m addition, she is also an incredible instructor of such skills as pole, yoga, fitness, contortion, and twerk. 

Candace Cane is truly one of the greatest one-woman shows you’ve ever witnessed and it’s not even close.

KaozFest Performer Spotlight: Blvk Goats 

Is a dynamic duo featuring the supremely talented Tikki Vibez and her fiancée Dmile. 

It is absurd how much sound these two powerhouses create. 

Tikki Vibez has been well known on the web for awhile for her scintillating performances as well as her uniquely lyrical guitar playing. 

Her better half is a monster percussionist as well as synth player. 

Together, these two present a sound that is TRULY alternative and we are looking forward to the tearing down the house. 

Kaoz Fest is proud to feature the Blvk Goats

KaozFest Performer Spotlight: Beau Radleigh 

Beau Radleigh 

Is a dynamic artist hailing from Los Angeles California. 

Beau has the skill and precision of a singer with a background in soul/R&B/gospel with the performance and attitude of a legitimate rock star. 

Her range of emotion is displayed comfortably and her songs cover topics few dare to tackle. These topics include, drug addiction, depression, and abuse. 

The music itself is an modern take on pop punk: a genre that has been making a revival lately due to artists like her. 

KaozFest welcomes Beau Radleigh and you should too.